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HARATI Quality Control

HARATI emphasize quality in every stage of product designing and development process. Solution Blue Print methodology with the application development platform makes quality process easy to implement and monitor. The seamless ability of the platform helps to implement, test and change the design and maintain the applications. The activities carried out are:

  • Verifying Quality at each stage of the Development Process
  • Automating Testing Process through use of Tools
  • Tinkering of Models
  • Implementing, Testing and Changing the Application

HARATI’s approach to software development is based on one of the most reliable, effective and globally accepted methodologies in the industry today. The Unified Process is a configurable software development process that is based on many years of experience in using object technology to develop mission-critical software in a variety of industries. Using this technique, we focus on ensuring timely delivery of quality software solutions to our clients. This technique guides our project teams in managing iterative development in a controlled fashion while balancing business requirements, time-to-market and project risks We use this quality management technique that gives following benefits.

  • It would be the best methodology to address the managerial & technical risks of the project
  • It would allow for effective management of requirements
  • It would enable high quality output of all project deliverables
  • It would allow good management of changes

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