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Harati has been publishing regular newsletter to introduce each and every service to our regular and up coming clients. Harati has been publishing regular newsletter to introduce each and every service to our regular and upcoming clients. HARATI stay’s on the top of our industry premier information, that impart the some must read daily updates, data, insights, products, services news and perspective of the company.

Through this e -newspaper we provide our services details at a click of your email on our different products, Services, News and latest updated information.

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Date Sent Product Newsletter Heading Link
2018-09-25 Security - HS-51-FC Fingerprint Reader अौला बाट ढोका खोल्ने सिस्टम लगाउनुहोस् र आफ्नो घर तथा अफिस लाई अझै सुरक्षित बनाउनुहोस् Click here
2018-09-25 HS W2FC All in one Package "Time Attendance with Digital Door Access Control System" Click here
2018-09-25 CCTV SOHO Package CCTV SOHO Package Click here
2018-04-10 Become Partner with us Become Partner with us.. हामी सँग हातेमालो गर्नुहोस ।हारती का बिभिन्न सेवा हरु बजार बिस्तार गर्ने जिम्मा अब तपाईंको । Click here
2018-01-16 Mobile App mobile app enables EMPLOYEES to access and request employment related issues easily from anywhere Click here
2018-01-16 HRM Combo Package Leave Click here
2017-08-10 Burglar Alarm System Burglar Alarm System चोरी, डकैती, आगलागी तथा ग्याँस लिक आदिबाट सजिलै बच्ने उपाय Click here
2017-08-10 Video Door Phone System Video Door Phone System Click here
2017-06-23 is now no longer only Tender Service Provider. is now no longer only Tender Service Provider. It has many more for you... Click here
2017-06-23 को बजार व्यवस्थापन नेपाल भरि को बजार व्यवस्थापन गर्नु पर्ने हुनाले  इच्छुक ब्यक्ती तथा कम्पनी ले कृपया सम्पर्क राख्नु होला। Click here
2017-06-23 HARATI Hotel Lock System Add extra layer of SECURITY in your HOTEL and TRACK and CONTROL every activity of your guest access to Room. Click here
2017-06-23 HS-725-FC exchange Offer Add extra layer of SECURITY in your HOTEL and TRACK and CONTROL every activity of your guest access to Room. Click here
2015-11-02 Happy Dashain 2072 Happy Dashain 2072 Click here
2015-11-02 CCTV CCTV HOT Package Click here
2015-09-11 TenderNotice View online all Tenders and Notices published in Nepali Daily Newspaper at Click here
2015-03-15 2015 Hot model laptop Hot model Laptops this week Click here
2015-03-17 Security PT100 Click here
2015-03-17 Security HS-SF1000 Click here
2014-12-15 Security HS-792-FC Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control System Click here
2015-11-12 Laptop Acer Aspire V5-473P Click here
2014-12-15 Laptop HP Split 13T ULTRABOOK Click here
2015-1-29 offers All about offers Click here
2014-10-15 CCTV Arrival of AHD Cameras Click here
2014-07-28 Software Whats new in TenderNotice?? Click here
2014-08-02 Security ♨ HS-72-FC for Time Attendance with Access Control Package ♨ Click here
2014-08-10 CCTV ★ New Arrival of 1200 TVL Camera ★ Click here
05/31/2014 PT 100 ★ Fingerprint Guard Patrol System... ★ Click here
05/19/2014 HARATI Training ✔ Learn More.. Do More.. Make More.. Click here
14 November 2013 HS-51-FC HS-51-FC -> A cost effective access control system.. Click here
04/16/2014 HS-21 Non-Touch Exit Sensor with Sensor Key Click here
04/13/2014 Happy New Year 2071 नयाँ वर्षको सुखद उपलक्ष्यमा सम्पूर्ण ग्राहक वर्गहरुमा शान्ति, समृद्धि तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिको मंगलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछौं । Click here
03/31/2013 HS-51-FC At your work place or your home Safety is a full-time job, make it a part-time practice by keeping access control system. Click here
04/30/2014 HS-71-RFC(Exchange offer) Exchange your old Attendance Device with Latest Face Device HS-71-RFC Click here
02/10/2014 TenderNotice (Sapmple-3) No more Newspaper Flipping, Just the easy clicking Click here
01/10/2014 TenderNotice पत्रपत्रिका मा दैनिक प्रकाशित टेन्डर र सूचनाहरु अब अनलाईन मार्फत Click here
01/09/2014 TenderNotice (Sapmple-2) View online all Tenders and Notices published in Nepali Daily Newspaper at Click here
02/12/2014 HS-52-F ★ New Anti Vandal Outdoor Fingerprint Access Control ★ Click here
01/29/2014 HS-31-FC ✳ HS-31-FC Biometric Time Attendance System ☞ Get 40% Discount ✳ Click here
01/16/2014 HS-71-RFC ✔ Face Recognition Device ☞ For Time Attendance and Access Control Click here
12/03/2013 HS13-D7000U New Arrival Electronic Lock System With Software System Click here
06/27/2013 VDP Video Door Phone System Click here
11/01/2013 Tihar Wish Tihar and Nudaya Bhintuna 1134 wish. Click here
09/05/2013 Happy Teej Teej with special discount offer Click here
06/26/2013 Security-Accessories Protect Your Home Office Use Security System from HARATI Click here
08/30/2013 Student Attendance System Online and web-based Electronic Student attendance system Click here
05/11/2013 Harati on Facebook Be a HARATI Facebook Fan Like the fan page today.. ! Click here
04/10/2013 New year New year -2070 wish Click here
08/27/2013 Krishnaastami wish Krishna Janmastami Wish-Harati Family Click here
04/02/2013 Digi Lock Discover the new ways of Key less Life Click here
07/18/2013 HS13-031 Fingerprint Access Control With Alarm System Click here
10/02/2013 HS13-012 Multimedia FingerPrint Time Attendance Terminal-Dashian Click here
08/16/2013 HS13-012 Multimedia Finger Print Time Attendance Terminal Click here
07/30/2013 Face Identification System Face Identification System (HS13-0054) Click here
08/08/2013 Biometric Time Attendance System New Model Arrived at Affordable cost HS13-0053 Biometric Time Attendance System Click here
09/29/2013 hp-pavilion-festival HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook. A better kind of touch. Click here
07/18/2013 HP HP Pavilion 14-B015 SLEEKBOOK Click here
05/17/2013 Hot model Laptops HOT Model Laptops-Acer Aspire V5-571 Ultra Notebook, Acer TimelineU M5-581T UltraBook, HP Pavilion 14-B015 SLEEKBOOK Click here
10/02/2013 Dashain wish Dashain Tihar wish from Harati family Click here
03/09/2013 Holi Happy Holi-We wish all our customers a Happy Holi Click here
05/09/2013 Harati Facebook connection Connection on facebook Click here
09/04/2013 Fathers day offer Fathers Day Special Offer HARATI Tablet PC S7002B Click here
09/23/2013 Dashain HS13-0054 HS13-0054 - Face Scanning Machine Click here
09/30/2013 Burglar-alarm Burglar Alarm System Click here

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