Become partner with HARATI and sell HARATI products and services in your Network or in your Location
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HARATI Partnership Program

HARATI Partnership program provides various opportunities for individuals and companies to come together and carry out works in partnership with us. HARATI is dealing with several Software products, Digital Security Products and other IT services. We are aware that carrying out all the activities in terms of marketing and business promotion requires some assistance and alliance from the second party for better management of services and for providing quality service. Keeping this in view we welcome alliance from individuals and companies who are working in similar field like us and are interested in partnering with us.

  • Referral Partner

    You can refer clients to us and our trained and professional staffs will carry out necessary tasks required in sales process. You will be entitled defined commission for each referral. You are required to maintain certain number of sales on specified period and receive enhanced benefits. Or you can simply refer clients as per your ease. You evaluate and qualify the leads and send them to us. We deal with the customers and cut you a commission check. Coming together as a referral helps you earn in an easy way.

  • Exclusive partner

    Becoming a Exclusive partner you will be able for selling products and services from HARATI to your customers in a defined geography and be responsible to offer continuous support on all our products. This helps you to keep in constant touch with your clients and also help you get a steady stream of revenue. You will be exclusive partner in the defined geography and HARATI will not be

  • Co-branding partner

    Apart from referral and exclusive partnership, we also provide co-branding partnership. We believe that co-branding provides a way to combine forces so that the marketing efforts work in synergy. If you are interested in co branding with us come together and enhance your product or service exposure to consumers through your own brand and domain. Co-branding helps to promote both the brands that come together. So we aim at co- marketing by coming together in co-branding partnership for business promotion.

  • Partnership Program benefits

    • Contribute in promotion through advertisement in local newspaper
    • Provide adequate brochures, catalogues and pamphlets
    • Flex design of various sizes
    • Promote partner through various media: Website, facebook, newspaper ad etc.
    • Promote partner through other social media focusing on partner’s area
    • Free website design depicting partner’s profile and products.